Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association

Established 1960

LAHJA Board of Directors

Kay Altheuser – President

Melessa Lee – Vice President

Sandrine Seifert – Secretary

Marnye Langer – Treasurer

Carolyn Biava

Linda Cooper

Raizy Goffman

Patty Manze

Michelle Morris

Julia Rossow

Charlotte Skinner – Executive Administrator

LAHJA Committees

Patty Manze - Chairman
Lisa Winn
Carolyn Biava

Linda Cooper – Chairman
Jessica Nichols
KK Kern
Julia Rossow

Marnye Langer - Chairman
Kay Altheuser
Carolyn Biava

Raizy Goffman - Chairman
Marnye Langer
Michelle Morris
Brooke Goddard - Newsletter

Marnye Langer - Chairman
Carol Dean-Porter
Patty Manze

Melessa Lee - Chairman
Michelle Morris
Sandrine Seifert

Kay Altheuse - Chairman

Kay Altheuser - Chairman
Larry Langer
Charlotte Robson
Raizy Goffman

Membership Promotion
Melessa Lee - Chairman
Sandrine Siefert
Julia Rossow


NOTE: All committee communications must be copied to Charlotte Skinner-Robson.


Each Committee Chairman and committee member is subordinate and responsible to
the Board. Each committee must meet a minimum of four times per year, either by
phone conference or face-to-face at the Committee Chairman’s discretion. Committees
of LAHJA shall be standing or special (ad hoc). The Board may refer to the proper
committee any matter affecting LAHJA or any operations needing study,
recommendation, or action. The Board may establish such special committees or
standing committees in addition to those specified in this Article as it deems appropriate
with such duties and responsibilities as it shall designate, except that no committee has
the power to do any of the things a committee is prohibited from doing under the
California Nonprofit Corporation Act. All committees shall act by majority vote, unless
otherwise prescribed by the Board.

Planning/ Rules Committee

The Planning Committee investigates the feasibility of conceptual ideas generated by the President, Board of Directors or the Executive Committee and presents the results of their investigation to the board. The President will choose the Chairman of the Planning Committee from one of the Associations officers.

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Awards (Banquet, Medal Finals, Special)

Determining, purchasing, engraving, storing, transporting, displaying, and presenting of the Associations various awards is the purview of this Committee, Although the Chairman is not required to be a Director of the Association, the Board must be kept informed and must approve the arrangements for the annual awards function.

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This Committee is responsible for the Associations annual awards ceremony from conception to completion. Although the Chairman is not required to be a Director of the Association, the Board must be kept informed and must approve the arrangements for the annual awards function.

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Budget & Finance

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer, and has the responsibility to insure the continued financial health of the Association. It will produce the Associations annual budget, analyze the Associations operating costs, recommend fee increases as deemed necessary, analyze the cost of existing as well as proposed new programs, monitor the current income and expenses of the Association with regard to the budget, explain the associations financial picture to the Officers and Directors, and make recommendations as necessary to keep the associations finances on track.

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This committee analyzes and evaluates the communication available to the Associations constituents, determines ways of improving it, makes recommendations to the board, and follows up after approval through implementation. Rules: The chairman of this committee will attend Board meetings and will serve as the parliamentarian. Roberts Rules of Order will be used as a guide to efficient and effective Association meetings, and the chairman of this committee is empowered to require a given meeting to adhere to them when necessary. This committee has the responsibility to review the rules, interpret the rules, clarify the rules, and propose rule changes. 100% of rule changes must come before this committee before they can be considered for passage by the board.

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The education committee is responsible for creating, supporting, and sustaining a broad spectrum of education for the members of this Association. Care must be taken by this Committee to optimize the number benefited for the budgeted cost of a given program; always keeping in mind the sustainability factor. Although the Chairman is not required to be a Director of the Association, the Board must be kept informed and must approve the educational offerings.

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The Vice-President serves as the Chairman of this committee, which consists of the entire Board of Directors. The mission of the Nominating Committee is to identify optimum candidates from the entire senior membership who are willing to serve as a Director or Committee person. The Nominating Committee has the difficult task of determining qualifications, reviewing credentials, and selecting the candidates to appear on the senior member ballot and on the directors ballot each year. However, the maximum number of candidates to appear on a ballot may not exceed two times the number of available positions to fill. Further, the Committee will present to the President, names of potential committee persons following identification, determination of qualifications, and review of credentials.

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Show Dates

This committee inspects eligibility of show date applications, determines their eligibility under the current rules, and recommends either approval or denial to the Board. This committee reviews the current requirements for shows to be approved, the current standards for approved shows, and makes recommendations for rule or procedure changes to the Board in these areas. Horse show managers may not serve on this committee except in a non-voting advisory capacity. A manager may NOT participate in any committee meeting where date issues involve them or their business directly.

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Special Committees

The President may appoint special or ad hoc committees deemed necessary by him to further the aims, goals, or business of the Association. These committees will normally have a narrow and specific purpose and will terminate when the task is completed. These committees will NOT be counted in the three-committee maximum referred to above.

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Sponsorship and Fundraising

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Technical Committee (Hunter/Jumper/Equitation)

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