LAHJA February E-News

Marnye Langer - President

February 11, 2007

The beginning part of the year is always a good time for planning and goals. The entire LAHJA Board of Directors dedicated an entire day to focus on our association. Our day-long LAHJA Planning Session was really productive, and I was reminded yet again what a great group of people we have guiding our organization.

During our planning meeting, we spent some time getting to know one another better and learning about each other’s backgrounds. We all discovered that we shared a passion for making the sport all of us enjoy, in one fashion or another, better. Later in the day we switched our focus to LAHJA itself. We discussed things we feel the association does well and we identified areas we felt we could improve. At the end of a busy and challenging day, we identified some keys goals that will help guide us. Over the next few months I will share some details of our planning session.

Once again, a huge THANK YOU to the entire board of directors for your hard work and dedication. The 2007 LAHJA Board of Directors and officers:


            Marnye Langer - President                             Kay Altheuser - Vice President

            David Ohringer - Treasurer                            Jeni Brown - Secretary

            Jim Hagman                                                   Melessa Lee 

            Karen Lucian                                                  Lisa Winn 

            Betsy Woods                                                  Charlotte Skinner - Executive Director

Goals are another important component for our association, and goals are very important to each one of us. If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to identify some goals for yourself. As a rider, I find that setting goals helps me stay focused and create a sensible plan.

There is a difference between a “goal” and a “wish.” Goals should be concrete and achievable, while wishes are something you hope for. Qualifying for a specific medal final is a reasonable goal, but stating that you want to win a medal finals is not a realistic goal. You could ride your best and put in really good rounds in a medal finals and not win. Your wish may not have come true, but riding consistently and competitively is a very worthy goal and one you should proud of achieving.

Goals should be challenging enough that we stretch, but not so lofty that we can’t achieve success. Our trainers, coaches, parents, spouses, and friends can help us identify worthy goals. Discussing my annual riding goals with my trainer, Philip, really helps me. I can better plan what shows and classes will help me with my goals, as well as my practice and lessons. I select four to five goals for the year, write them down, and then keep them in my tack trunk. I look at them periodically to see how I am doing. My goals provide a road map for my riding.

I encourage all of you to identify some goals for yourself this year. If you wish, send me your goals ( and I’ll include some in next month’s E-News. In the meantime, have fun with your horse!

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