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Established 1960

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In the fast-moving times we live in, it is difficult for an organization such as ours to disseminate information to its members in a timely fashion and cost- effective manner. Yet timely information is probably the most important reason to join an association like ours.

I hope that the information provided here proves useful to you, and that you will keep us informed of any ideas you have that might enable us to serve you better.

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Junior-Senior and Pony Medal Finals

With the sale and subsequent move of the National Preview Horse Show, the long time home of the LAHJA Jr, Sr and Pony Medal Finals, those finals have been moved to the LEG Season Finale Horse Show two weeks later. They will be held November 13-16 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Prize list should be available within the month. For more information please feel free to contact the LAHJA office - info@lahja.org

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